Geppetto's/La Jolla YMCA Family Art Center

Please see below for information about our amazing 2013 Family Art Center.  We will post our 2014 line up as soon as it is finalized!

The Geppetto's/ La Jolla YMCA Family Art Center, located on Wall Street, offers exciting adventures for kids of all ages. This year, the LJAWF is proud to team up with the San Diego Circus Center, the San Diego Zoo, La Jolla YMCA, the Girl Scouts, La Jolla Kiwanis, Outside the Lens, and Geppetto's toy store. 

Children will have the opportunity to paint a car donated by Witt Lincoln, make an LJAWF mural and other crafts, take various classes including art, yoga, sports drills, dance, music, fishing, and Spanish, draw with chalk art, partake in Girl Scout swaps and button making, get their face painted or their hair colored, put on temporary tattoos, pose for a caricature drawing, take pictures in a photo booth, or play in an open gym!  We will also offer TWO exciting scavenger hunts this year!  Children may take the scavenger hunt map (found in the LJAWF program in the UT) to the ten participating merchants, have their map stamped, then return the completed map to the scavenger hunt booth in the Family Art Center.  If they complete either the upper or lower Girard scavenger hunts, they will earn a pin. If they complete both, they will earn two different pins as well as a limited edition LJAWF bracelet!

Families will also be entertained by a lineup of performers including a children's glee chorus, band and orchestra students from Muirlands Middle school, and music students from local music programs, as well as circus performances.  Art work from the four public schools that benefit from the festival will be displayed in the School Art Gallery. 

The Event Tent in the Geppetto's/La Jolla YMCA Family Art Center will offer classes from the YMCA, Prodigy School of Art, World Voice SD, and Nightingale Music, as well as an autograph session with the Oakland A’s Ben Grieve, 1998 Rookie of the Year.

PLEASE NOTE - You may NOT leave your child unattended in the family art center.

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